At the start of this year we had a big decision to make. Our lease for our shop building was up at the end of March and we had to decide if it was something we were going to continue. Our building was expensive, our rates were expensive, the amount of stock we needed to fill it was expensive and this year, Edinburgh council are closing and refurbishing the main cobbled road in South Queensferry which will have a massive effect on the passing trade in South Queensferry (we assume that is still going ahead at one point but we don’t get told much so who knows). Now, we love our shop, we’ve said it before, we know. It has always been more than just a business to us. We’ve grown up here, it’s our creative outlet, passion and our little part of a community we are very proud to be part of but to continue running the business the way we have done through the next year of uncertainty was just too big a risk for us. Franka and Franco at picnic, who are not only very good friends of ours but often people we talk a lot of business with, came to us a few weeks ago and offered us a way to keep Maisie’s open that we naturally jumped at.

As of July, Maisies 5 Mid Terrace opened its doors for the first time. We are incredibly excited to move house and run our shop from a different viewpoint. We can’t thank Franco and Franka enough to have enough faith in us to be our new landlords! Our stock, for the most part, has stayed the same, we have some GORGREOUS new ranges that we have kept for our new shop and are really excited for you guys to see it. We massively appreciate your patience with us this far, we can’t tell you enough how much your continued support of our business means and ask that this year, if you can, make a point of continuing to support us, independents like us and Queensferry high street. The road closure will have a massive impact on all of us this year especially after the corona virus having as big an impact as it is. We’re really excited for Maisies 3.0 and have, in our very humble opinion, some of the nicest stock we’ve ever had! Thanks again and we hope you are all as glad as we our about our news,


The Maisies Gals